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  • History History
    A special Baku Declaration to create the Transnational Eurasian Information Super Highway was adopted on November 11, 2008 in Baku.
  • Overview Overview
    Trans-Eurasian Information Super Highway (TASIM) project that is a major regional initiative aiming at creation of transnational fiber-optic backbone targeting primarily the countries of Eurasia from Western Europe to Eastern Asia.
  • Management team Management team
    Since April of 2010, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of Azerbaijan Republic has established project’s Executive Group consisting of a small and efficient team for the implementation of the TASIM initiative.


  • EuraCA’s Goals EuraCA’s Goals
    Contributing to the creation of an open information society in the region by increasing the speed of Internet connection and the number of Internet services;Supporting economic diversification and competition by creating new ICT enterprises and sectors in the field of software engineering and reative industries;
  • EuraCA’s Mission EuraCA’s Mission
    Cross-national services, information and content exchange; Affordable broadband connectivity within Eurasia; East2West Trans-Eurasian continuity.
  • What is EuraCA? What is EuraCA?
    Eurasian Connectivity Alliance a platform to: Promote policy dialogue and raise awareness; Facilitate experience and knowledge exchange; Promote international cooperation (governments, UN system organizations, IFI, regional groupings).

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