MoU on TASIM to be signed at BakuTel-2013

01 12 2013

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the Trans-Eurasian Information Super Highway (TASIM) project will be signed at BakuTel-2013 exhibition.

The news was announced by Deputy Minister of Communication and Information Technologies Elmar Velizade on November 29.

The 19th Azerbaijan International Telecommunication and Information Technology Exhibition will be held in Baku on December 2-5.

The document will be signed by the project participants that include the operators of Kazakhstan, Russia, china, Turkey and Azerbaijan, Velizade said at a press conference about the BakuTel-2013 exhibition

He went on to note that the BakuTel-2013 exhibition plays a significant role, because 2013 was declared the ICT year in Azerbaijan.

The BakuTel-2013 exhibition will gather about 250 companies from 35 countries in its four pavilions.

The exhibition provides an opportunity for Azerbaijan to further improve its professional relations with the member states of the European Union.

TASIM is a project of regional importance which aims to lay down a transnational fiber-optic line covering the countries of Eurasia from Western Europe to Eastern Asia.

The project envisions the creation of a major transit link from Frankfurt to Hong Kong. The line will connect the major centers of information exchange in Europe and Asia together, stretching through China, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey to Germany. A reserve North transit line will traverse the territory of Russia, Ukraine, and Poland.

The TASIM will be implemented in two stages; during the first phase, leading regional countries and operators will create a major Internet transit infrastructure that links the West and East together. The process is planned to be finalized in late 2013. In the second phase of the project, TASIM is expected to provide the Eurasian countries that do not have direct access to open sea, including Central Asian states, with Internet connection at affordable rates.

According to the plan, new fiber-optic lines will be constructed, while the existing lines will be upgraded and linked to the TASIM network.

Experts believe that TASIM is able to guarantee an uninterrupted connection between Europe and Asia, saying most of the fiber-optic routes connecting Asia to Europe and the U.S. are laid on the seabed.

These routes are prone to accidents that may be caused by natural disasters and fishing boats. That is why Asian countries highly appreciate the importance of TASIM.

The TASIM project will contribute to creating an open information society in the region, increasing the speed of Internet connection, and promoting the development of Internet services which, in turn, will lead to economic development, economic diversification, and increased competition.

BakuTel, which is a testimony to Azerbaijan's technological developments in the past few years, has become the leading professional forum in the ICT field in the Caucasian region, attracting the leading expert companies of the EU.